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When organising the Lenovo SAC Annual Meetings in Krakow, Amsterdam, Madrid and Athens, as well as the Google International Conferences in Sicily and Barcelona, we placed great emphasis on communicating with participants.


We created a personalised online platform with a login option where we posted all relevant information in real time. We sent out pre-departure newsletters and group text messages during the conference.

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We place great importance on choosing the ideal venue, so in Amsterdam we accommodated the group in a historic building of the Dutch Dalmatian Society converted into an exclusive hotel, and in Madrid in a 19th-century palace whose interiors were inspired by the works of Velazquez.


We take similar care with the comfort and technical equipment of the conference rooms. We also take care of the consistent graphic design of events in line with the brand's visual identity.

Following the principle of something for the spirit, something for the body, we strive to provide an exciting entertainment programme and an excellent culinary offering to make the trip memorable not only as a business event, but also as a social one.



Our offer becomes richer every day. Contact us to find out what else we can do for you. We are open to the most unusual ideas.

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